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New Podcast: A Conversation with Emily Chamelin-Hickman

In this episode, I talk to Emily about shepherding. We talked about how she became a shearer and shepherd. We talk about raising healthy animals and how she is using regenerative practices to improve her land. We also talked about what it takes to be a woman shearer in a man’s world.

Emily is one to the strongest women that I know. She made a place for herself in a really physically demanding profession. She is empathetic to the animals and the shepherds who tend to them. And she has raised a strong, smart daughter.

Click here to listen

Click here to see how to find Emily

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favorite podcasts for a good listen

BFL roving

Today I wanted to give you some of my favorite podcasts. In this time, when we should probably be turning off the TV and the news in particular. You may really like to hear some fun conversations. The first one is with my shearer, Emily Chamelin. It is a great discussion about shearing, shepherding, raising children and I really loved it.

In this episode, Deb Robson talks about what it took to write her seminal work: The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. And along the way we hear about this wonderful teacher’s life and how she got started on her journey into wool.

The Lady Farmer is a local mom and daughter. They ran a slow life challenge recently and there are 4 podcasts that talk about slow living: slow clothing, slow cooking, creating spaces and taking time in your life. Again, these 4 podcasts are really relatable in this day and age. Their podcast is called The Good Dirt.

Sock Blank

Levar Burton Reads is a great podcast. He reads short stories that are mostly sci-fi. It’s like Reading Rainbow for kids. Two of my favorites are “The Cell Phones” and “Playing Nice with God’s Bowling Ball”.

Sometimes I just want a quickie…I’m not willing to put 40 minutes or an hour into a podcast. And those times I really like Weeknight Kitchen with Melissa Clark. I particularly liked her take on a Vietnamese Caramel Salmon and the one about Harissa Chicken sheet pan dinner. I’ve made both of these recipes and they were easy and really, really good.

Shawl trio

Enjoy! And take some time to relax, slow down and release!

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another successful mohair shearing in the books

Waiting for their turn with Emily
It’s the best when the goats just lie back and relax. This is Ethel.
All done and released into the “wild”.
Here’s Ethel again! She is asking for more graham cracker treats! And curious about where her friend Lucy is…

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