Dyeability hands-on ecourse

Next class starts 4/19

This 4 week e-course is based on the in-person workshops that I’ve taught here at the farm for over 10 years. This experience has more in-depth content than my farm workshops.

I have taught dyeing for over 30 years here in Maryland and in California. I want to help you to discover your color style and feel confident with dyeing or even putting together the skeins in your collection.

After taking an in-person dye class, Pat said: Although I had done some dying of yarn before the workshop I had not been successful not felting fiber while dying.  After the workshop I had two good techniques to work with fiber that had not felted while using merino.  I was able to play with a color combination I had been thinking about.  I received numerous tips on equipment, and strategies to use.  This was time well spent and a great value considering small class size, your right in an active studio and have a great teacher.  

This ecourse will begin in April 5th. Cost is $99. Materials and Supplies are not included.

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During this 4 week e-course you will:

  • Set up a safe dye area
  • Gain confidence in your ability to pick colors that work together
  • Learn to express your colorful self
  • Create an extra long skein that will give you wide stripes on socks
  • Mix single color dyes as well as more complex colors
  • Hand paint skeins
  • Create a coordinated semi-solid skein plus a bonus technique!!
  • Understand how to fix common dyeing mistakes
  • Knit up swatches to evaluate your colorway
  • Engage with other students in a private facebook group
  • Engage with me in 4 live Q and A zoom meetings

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time will this take? I’ve broken down this class into 15-30 minute sessions that you can watch when it’s convenient for you. Your homework of preparing the skeins, dyeing and setting the dye should take you a short time as well, in the neighborhood of 20-30 minutes. We will have 4 live one hour Q and A sessions on Zoom during the class. You can ask questions and share your yarn discoveries with other students as well.

Do I need to buy a lot of materials or equipment? You will have to buy supplies. Many of the items you might have in your home already, such as plastic wrap and paper toweling. Any container or pot that is used for dyeing needs to be reserved for dyeing only. You will get a complete list with clickable links after registration. I give you substitutes for items that may be hard to find because of the pandemic we are experiencing.

What technology do I need? You will need a computer with an internet link. You will need to have a facebook account if you wish to engage with the private class community throughout the class. We will be doing the Q and A’s on Zoom. Your computer or device should have a camera and microphone so we can see and hear you.

Can my children take the class? I would say that you and your family could complete the class together. During the dyeing we use some chemicals that need to be handled carefully and we use heat as well. So there needs to be adult supervision for any children in the class.