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Season 3 Episode 4: Creative Resources... Lisa shares her favorite books and podcasts about creativity. You can find the links here.

Season 3 Episode 3: So Much Creativity, So Little Sun... What is holding you back from your creativity?  Lisa talks about the obstacles to your creativity and how to get past those obstacles.  There is, of course, a creative exercise to build up your creative muscle. 

Season 3 Episode 2: But I’m not an Artist… Has this statement plagued you? Do you think other people are creative, not you? Do you think that only special people can be artists? Listen to this episode to find out the truth about you. Remember to do the creative spirit exercise as well, to train your creativity muscle.

It’s Season 3!! And it’s all about Creativity…. Here is Episode one: Creativity Myths and Realities In this first episode of Season 3, Lisa talks about creativity. What is it? She talks about the societal myths that surround creativity and artistry.  She also gives you an exercise to begin to bring your creative spirit into your daily life. Prefer to watch? You can see it here on Vimeo.

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what an inspiration you are. I’m be been watching how you are adapting to this upside down world we’re living in since COVID hit. You are super resilient in how you’re adapting and expanding out in the digital world. Bravo! And now the podcast. I love it! Really helping me get through here long weeks when I cannot be with my fiber geek friends, at a show or just spinning at home. They are long days away from my home studio and no more farm to go home to either .😞So thank you for making these days more tolerable.

PS: great radio voice- watch out Terry Gross.

Listener–Kathleen L.

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