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Welcome to Flying Goat Farm. We are a small family farm located on 25 acres in Frederick Maryland.

Being a maker is integral to my being. I have always loved working with thread and cloth. In fact, my first crafting memories are working on the craft badge as a Girl Scout. As an adult I knew that I wanted to start making my own cloth and so learned to weave. I learned to dye in 1990, when I found that I couldn’t make the cloth of my dreams unless I could make my own colors on the thread of my choice. In the ensuing years, I’ve also learned to spin and knit as well as teaching others to embrace their own creativity with textiles, yarn and fiber. I dye nearly every day. It is my passion. I love to put colors together that are harmonious, that excite the eye and that are really fun to work with. I love to take photographs as inspiration for my colorways. It is doubly creative and so, so satisfying. I am passionate about helping fiber enthusiasts put together colors that will create beautiful projects.

We moved from California to Oregon and now to Maryland. When we moved here, 17 years ago we decided to get some angora goats so that I could spin their fiber….but also because they are undeniably the cutest of ALL fiber animals. We added fine wool sheep 8 years ago. Since then we have been making our own farm yarn. We have yarn for every project whether you are looking for a worsted for a soft squishy blanket or a more rustic wool yarn for a warm and durable sweater. In fact, I am currently working to build a line of yarn that is Fibershed compliant. That means that it is grown, processed, spun and dyed within 150 miles of our farm. This will include naturally dyed yarns. Our farm is also mostly solar powered. So if you are interested in reducing your carbon foot print and increasing the sustainability of what you purchase, we have the yarn for you.

When not in the dye studio or out with our sheep and goats, you can find me in the kitchen making delicious food or binge watching travel shows to calm my adventurer’s spirit. We are committed to helping to feed our community. We partner with local food banks to donate food and also farm profits to help those in our community who are struggling.

Until we meet in person or virutally, Happy Making!!


1 thought on “About Flying Goat Farm

  1. Hello!
    I am a hand spinner/weaver and so enjoy spinning mohair.
    We live out West but will be in the area on Wednesday, June 30th. I was wondering if you had any mohair fleeces for sale? I was looking to purchase an entire fleece.
    Thank you.

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