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**New** I am now available to teach at your next festival!!

What do you want to learn?

I offer group workshops in dyeing with acid dyes and indigo. You will learn several techniques and leave with a couple of skeins or a set of fabric napkins.

I offer private workshops in spinning and weaving. These classes are for beginners or for those who what to tweak their skills. It is up to you what you will learn in our time together. The private classes are $40 per hour plus any materials that may be needed. Do you need a spinning wheel for a workshop experience here? No! I have spinning wheels for you to use while you are here. Do you need a loom to learn to weave? No! For this I have a portable loom that you can take home with you for a rental fee.

You can also book a special class for a birthday or just a girl’s day out.

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long color runs

Dye your Socks (or shawl) Workshop

E-course information and enrollment here

In the in-person class you will learn how to prepare your yarn for long color repeats. You will learn how to make dye stocks. And you will learn 3 application techniques: hand painting, kettle dyeing and Spreckles. You will leave with 3 hand dyed fingering weight skeins. This 3 hour session will include dyes, use of dyeing equipment, 3 full skeins to dye, instruction and handouts for $120.

Irene said “I really loved the whole experience of dyeing roving.  I had no idea what to expect because I am a complete novice. Some things went over my head (the more technical terms) but I very much enjoyed the two methods of dyeing that you showed us.  I just love the two pieces of roving that I came away with. Very beautiful, some of the effect is like velvet!”

Dye Your Own Roving to Spin

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In the in-person class, you will learn all about dyeing your own roving and top for spinning or felting. You will learn how to make dye stocks and how to handle fragile combed top and roving. You will learn 3 application techniques: hand painting, lasagna pan dyeing and kettle dyeing. You will leave with 9 oz hand dyed BFL combed top. This 3 hour session will include dyes, use of dyeing equipment, fiber to dye, and instruction for $120.

Pat said: Although I had done some dying of yarn before the workshop I had not been successful not felting fiber while dying.  After the workshop I had two good techniques to work with fiber that had not felted while using merino.  I was able to play with a color combination I had been thinking about.  I received numerous tips on equipment, and strategies to use.  This was time well spent and a great value considering small class size, your right in an active studio and have a great teacher.

indigo class

Indigo Shibori Class

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In this class you will learn 3 shibori (Japanese tie dye) techniques of clamping, stitching and binding. You will learn about magical indigo and how it works. You will leave with 4 indigo dyed cotton napkins. A 3 hour session includes instruction, handouts, cotton napkins, shibori materials and use of indigo vat for $80.

Learn to Spin

Private Session

Whether you are a beginner or have never even tried to spin, this session will be individually designed to meet your needs. This is typically a 3 hour session for $120. Include fiber, instruction, handouts and use of spinning equipment.

Socks from sock blank

Knit Socks Two at a Time

Self Guided E-course Available here

Learn to Knit Workshop

This is private session that will be designed to meet your needs based on your skills. Private instruction is $40 per hour.