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Have you always?

I love to learn new things. Have you always wanted to learn how to dye or how to spin or how to knit socks two at a time? During this time of social distancing, I’ve turned my popular dyeing classes into an online course. And because I have the luxury of time, I’ve added a lot of extra lessons that are available only in the online class.

My online classes are rich with lessons that will develop your dyeing skills and also your color confidence. You will be able to tune in at a time that makes sense to you. You can view and review the lessons as many times as you wish.  But you aren’t doing this completely in a vacuum, there are weekly Q&A sessions and a discussion board to communicate with me and other students in the class.  You will end up with colorful skeins that you can use to knit socks, shawls or anything really.

The next 4 week Dyeability class will be starting on April 5th. This is Dyeability 1: Self Striping Yarn for Socks or Shawls. Click here to find out more about it. The class is usually $99. But, I am currently offering a $20 discount with the coupon code iheartyarn. Sign up and and gather your materials and we will have a great time dyeing yarn in April!!

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Podcast Episode 3: Putting skeins or rovings together

In this episode, Lisa talks about becoming more confident putting skeins together for a beautiful garment. Lisa also talks about what you can do right now to build your confidence in combining colors of yarn or roving in your collection. If you are joining Lisa on this adventure to finding love within your collection, she outlines some specific steps you can take this week to move from stash shame into full and unadulterated love of your collection.

Listen here

Watch here

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cutting apart your handknits

Everyone is so afraid of cutting your handknits. Somehow there is the feeling that it will just begin unraveling in your own hands in a matter of seconds. Like your sweater is turning into sand and falling through your fingertips. That’s not what happens.

Well, yes I was afraid too. But I took the plunge. I took a class in steeking. And we students used thrift store sweaters to work on. And I found that it was a simple thing to do.

You do have to plan for the cut. And what I mean by that is this. As you set up your sweater you need a section where you will cut. I have found that adding 2 purl stitches is perfect, you can cut between those stitches.

When you are finished with your sweater, you need to block it and dry it. And then you are ready to cut. Watch this video. I hope that you will gain some confidence to cut apart your handknits.

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Last Minute Gift?

The post office is running behind. UPS and FedEx are working on getting vaccines to the places they need to go. The shipping deadlines are looming.

How about a gift certificate? Or how about a selection of gift certificates from various small businesses?

I know I would love to have one. I could go shopping after the holidays and pick out what I really would like to make!

Click here to get a Flying Goat Farm Certificate. Available in any denomination.

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New Podcast: Making is what we need

In this new podcast, Lisa talks about how making with our hands can help us through the anxiety, the monotony and the general sadness we may be feeling due to this pandemic. Parts of our nation is already going through a second lock down and we need a way to get through it all. Making something with your hands helps you reach a state of flow or even a meditative state. The repetitive motion connects your mind and body. To listen to the podcast click here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on itunes so you never miss an episode. Or you can listen with a powerpoint presentation on our youtube channel.

The Podcast is taking a short hiatus until after the new year. So I hope you have a great December… Make something!!

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Last Open Studio of 2020

It’s been a tough one for sure. I know that everyone is really tired, exhausted by all the isolation, the endless confusing information and the loss we are all feeling about these holidays.

This coming weekend is the last open studio of the year. It’s a small way to use the best practices of social distancing and masks and still allow you to come and squish the yarn and to see all the pretty colors. I will be open Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. We will let 2 people in at a time with masks and I will be wiping down with cleaner and we have hand sanitizer.

Dalis, Karen and I have been collaborating again and this time for a holiday inspired photo. We all came up with our own takes on this photo. Mine is made with sparkly yarn just because it is the holidays!!

And if you don’t want to come out because of the covid numbers or if you aren’t close, I’ll be having a zoom call from 4-5pm EST on Saturday. Karen and Dalis will be joining me. We will share our collaboration yarns and we will have a holiday happy hour. Click here to join the meeting

So I hope you will join us in person or on zoom.

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Holiday Gifting: Experiences

For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed giving experiences rather than gifts. And some of my favorite gifts to receive have been experiences too. We’ve give tickets to plays and concerts. And these gifts have included spending that time with the recipients, like a double date. One year, Bill and I did nothing but experiences: a Holiday train ride, a scavenger hunt, a visit to an orchid show and tickets to a play. It was so much fun. A family member found a food tour in our own city, here in Frederick. We learned so much about our downtown area in food and also history.

Dye up sock yarn like this!!

I’m offering an experience for you to give or receive….I have been teaching dyeing in person for many, many years. I now have my classes available as an ecourse. Courses available now are two 4-week courses: Dyeing Self Striping Sock Yarn and Dyeing Wool Roving to Spin or Felt. These classes will begin at the start of 2021.

You could make dyed roving like this!

I also have a knitting class: Knitting Socks Two at a Time. This class is 4 parts and is self paced as you work through your socks.

I’ll be offering Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals on these classes. Interested? Sign up for my special Learn with Lisa email list to be the first to find out about these great offers on fun classes. Click here!!