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Introducing the Flying Goat Farm Podcast

We’re living in a strange time. I don’t get to see you at fiber shows. I miss our connections, I really do.

I love this photo!

I’ve just started a podcast in these pandemic times. My goal is to keep you informed about new happenings here at the farm. I also want to give you information that you can use in your knitting or crafting. I want to help you build your color confidence. And I can do that through a podcast.

In this first season, if you will, I’ve been talking about farm yarns. So many dyers offer commercial yarns, and I do that too. But what sets me apart is my farm yarn. I’ve worked a number of years to develop my yarns so that they are soft to the skin and you can use them for shawls, sweaters, hats, gloves and socks. Each yarn is designed to be beautiful and to be fun to use.

I also want to answer your questions in the podcast. So be sure to shoot me an email if you have a question for me.

I am also planning to do some interviews of some great fiber farmers and indie dyers.

You can find my podcast on itunes. Or on the podcast page here.

1 thought on “Introducing the Flying Goat Farm Podcast

  1. Your colors are brilliant and inspiring.

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