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Holiday Knitting Part 5: Socks

I love knitting socks. I really have only knit them for myself. That is probably pretty selfish, right? It’s really never crossed my mind to make a pair for Bill. Maybe because his feet are bigger. Maybe because his feet are rougher. Maybe because his feet are more sensitive. But I think I really should think of making a pair of socks for him.

I do know that if I was to make a pair of socks for him, I would make a ribbed sock, that is really just a plain vanilla sock. I do love the look of a 3×1 sock. And I feel like those really stay up on my leg and they are stretchy enough to get over my high arch.

Chinook Sock yarn in Autumn colorways

My friend, Ellen, who was my sock mentor when I knit my first pair, makes socks for her family every Christmas. She is deep into sock knitting right now. So here are some great skeins of yarn for those special sock wearers in your life….or maybe just yourself!!

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