Fine Merino Combed Top


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When I sit at my wheel to spin, I want to have a beautiful combed top. One where the fibers are aligned. With this combed top, I can make so many different kinds of yarn. I have a world of possibilities. I can make some super fine fingering or lace weight yarn. I can make some funky art yarn that might become a textile or it might become a necklace or bracelet.

This combed top is 100% merino. It has 21.5 micron diameter, so it is very fine.  Each portion is 4 ounces.

With 4 ounces you can make make items. Need some ideas? Well you know that is all depends on the grist of your yarn. But you could reasonably make a hat or scarf. For thicker yarn you could make mittens (maybe more than one pair). With a few portions you can make a wonderful handspun sweater too.

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