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What Kind of Collector Are You?

pile of multicolor fingering weight yarn

Here is a repost of a blog that I wrote over 6 years ago. It still is an important part of your creativity and your enjoyment of your craft.

What kind of collector are you? Whether you use yarn, fabric, beads or paper, your art requires supplies. How do you handle your collection?

  • Type 1—You only buy materials for your current project so you don’t have a stash or any UFO’s (unfinished objects)?
  • Type 2—You try to only buy for a current project but look forward to your next project while you’re working on your current one? So you have a limited collection and only 1 or 2 UFO’s.
  • Type 3—You only buy materials for current and future projects? You like to get the supplies and pattern together then you know you have everything for the pattern. You have a small to medium collection, some UFO’s.  All your materials are matched with a pattern for easy access to the next project.
  • Type 4—You buy the materials you like and don’t worry about which pattern it will go with? You know that eventually a project will emerge for the supplies.  You have a medium to large collection and some UFO’s that you work on industriously to complete.
  • Type 5— You buy anything and everything that calls to you? The yarn or cloth speaks to you and you listen.  You have a large collection that you sometimes feel guilty about. But you also get a lot of creative satisfaction when you visit and pet your yarns, beads, and textiles.
Slave to Art

I am a Type 4. I do have a medium stash of beads, quilting fabric AND yarn.  I try to just buy for projects but I also buy materials that call my name.  Since I’ve founded Flying Goat Farm, I have only been to 1 quilting store.    I have just recently gotten back into my sewing room. I have finished 4 quilting projects.  I also designed and completed another quilt project. I have lots of ideas rolling around my head for more paper, fabric and weaving project to complete in the coming year.

Leave a comment here or on Facebook to tell me what stash you collect and what type of collector you are!!

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