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    Almost Wordless WIP Wednesday #902

    We are devoted Blue Apron fans! Blue Apron is a meal delivery service. We get 3 meals per week. These meals get me out of my cooking rut. You know you have one too! Those are the 4-6 recipes that keep cycling through your weekly menus. Blue Apron recipes are adventurous. I’m using new ingredients and new combinations of ingredients. You get better portion sizes so you aren’t overeating. You are not overbuying ingredients either, such as spice blends that you may not use up in a year. ¬†Perhaps the best outcome of using Blue Apron is that I’m no longer cooking in the kitchen alone. Bill loves to do the prep work and loves being involved in the cooking. It is like taking a cooking class in your own home and a date night as well.

    Many of you know that I am living gluten and dairy free. In order to stay on this diet, I do have to swap out some ingredients like gluten free pasta, coconut yogurt and lettuce wraps instead of buns for this week’s burgers.

    Blue Apron has given me several boxes to give to people who would like to try the service. PM me if you would like to try it out. (goatherd at flyinggoatfarm dot com)

    Blue Apron Recipe Cards

    Blue Apron Recipe Cards