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Posted on | December 19, 2014 | 2 Comments

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I love reading blogs. Blogs give me inspiration, information and ideas. Today I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you.

I use the feed reader Bloglovin’ on my Android phone. That way I can take the blogs with me and read during some downtime at school (don’t tell my boss) or while waiting for an appointment. Bloglovin’ updates your feed throughout the day. The app also suggests new blogs for you based on the blogs that you “like” in your feed.  As a result, I have started enjoying blogs I might never have found.

For inspiration, my favorite blogs are designseeds, weaving diva and riihivilla. Designseeds is a fantastic visual blog. Jessica uses photographs to suggest beautiful color combinations.  The Weaving Diva is a member of the California weaving group that was so instrumental in my development as a fiber artist. Nicki is a fantastic weaver. She creates fabrics in all kinds of weave structures.  Her work in incomparable and always an inspiration to me.  While she doesn’t post a lot, each one is worth the wait. Riihivilla is a Finnish blog, each post is written in Finnish and English. Lenna dyes with natural dyestuffs she finds near her home close to Helsinki.  She also sells fantastic mitten kits using her naturally dyed yarn made from Finnsheep wool.  It is my goal this year to learn how to do colorwork, so I hope to purchase one of her kits and make some lovely Finnish mittens.

For information and entertainment revolving around yarn, I enjoy reading yarnharlot and knitter’s review blogs. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is the YarnHarlot.  Her blog is a combination of lifestyle and knitting inspiration.  Some of my favorite posts are ones where she talks about her mistakes and work-arounds.  It is especially heartening to me, since I am constantly making mistakes and blaming it on the fact that I am an advanced beginner.  To know that an advanced knitter sometimes has to rethink and rework their knitting. Knitter’s Review is written by Clara Parkes. This blog is a review of yarn, tools, patterns and all things knitting.  The site also has a forum where you can ask your burning questions such as what to do with interchangable tips that keep unscrewing themselves as you knit.

For new business ideas, my absolute favorite blog is Explore Your Business written by Tara Swiger.  Some of her fantastic blogs have been about taking time off from your business, marketing for introverts and how to make 2015 awesome for your crafty business.  I’ve written about Tara a lot this season. Her wisdom and the community that she built for artsy business owners is one of the best things that has ever happened to Flying Goat Farm.

Two of the blogs that I am currently following that are food based have helped me a lot as I’ve embarked on a dairy-free, grain-free, and soy-free diet for my health.  nomnompaleo and  theclothesmakethegirl blog about delicious foods, meal plans and the recipes to go with these. Both of these bloggers have written cookbooks.  The blogs give me a way to incorporate more of these recipes in my cooking.  The foodlibrarian is just pure fun for me.  Mary, a librarian in the Los Angeles Public Library system, writes about her baking adventures. What I mostly love about this site is the posts that include information and pictures about the Los Angeles area restaurants, farmer’s markets and neighborhoods. I tend to get a little homesick when I read these blogs.

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