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Collection Curator Episode: Let’s have a Swap

Today the last installment of Collection Curator is available. Today I talk about what to do with all the yarn, roving, patterns, needles, and notions that are not part of your collection any longer. Those items that need to be rehomed. There are 2 paths you can take: you can donate out right or you can host a yarn swap party. When we are able to meet, I think the yarn swap would be so great.

Several years ago, my creative friends and I bought a bale of antique kimonos from Japan. We did a kind of swap party then too. We laid them all out. Then we very deliberately took turns picking out our favorites. It was fun to see our personalities emerge from the picking. One of us, Judy picked the wild patterned and gloriously colored children’s kimonos to use in quilt projects. I picked out the ones that showed the most dyeing and ikat patterning. This deliberate picking is just one of the 2 ways to do your swap.

You can listen to the episode here. Or subscribe on Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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New Collection Curator Episode

In this episode, Lisa walks you through your needles, hooks and notions. We’re almost at the end of really having the collection that you love. So join in and address all those needles, stitch markers and gauges. 

Go from total disorganization and duplicates to knowing where all your needles and notions are and what you actually have. Stop buying extras because you can’t find that elusive set of needles. Click here to listen or subscribe on itunes here so you don’t miss an episode.