The Five Elements: Earth




This is a great all around fingering weight  yarn. It has the strength to use for socks. It has wonderful drape when knit with larger needles.

It is 75% SW Corriedale wool and 25% nylon

Each skein has 430 yards

These skeins are dyed to order, that is why the inventory says back order.  I dye your order within one business day of receiving your order.

The Five Elements is the theme for a new special collection. New colorways based on the element of earth will be added throughout the year.

Earth represents all  that is grounded and logical and hard working.  But its shadow side can be seen as lazy or stubborn or materialistic.

Earth is symbolized by the color green and a Northerly direction.  To bring more earth energy into your life, spend some time outside in nature or in your garden and eat warm and hearty foods.

The first colorway here is Gaia, named after the Greek . who is the personification of the earth. She is the ancestral mother and bore the Titans and Giants and the primordial sea gods. The blue and green colorway reminds me that we are the blue planet in the skies.

Pangea is inspired by looking at Earth from space. You see the green of the land and the blue of the ocean and the white of the clouds and storms overhead.

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5 elements

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