Corona, Antibody and Vaccine Colorway Dyed to Order


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These are our commemorative MDSW 2020 colorways. It is to honor the significant times we are living in today.  Corona is my artistic vision of the virus particle.  Antibody is my vision for our body’s heroic defenses against this pandemic.  It is not a coincidence that the colors are complementary to each other. As our antibodies conform shape to neutralize the virus, so do complementary colors neutralize each other. Vaccines are made from a form of the virus. They help deploy more production of antibodies.  So my artistic take of this is to have deeper colors similar to Corona, but slightly different.


These skeins will be DYED TO ORDER. You will receive an email giving you an approximate date of delivery.

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viral colorway

Antibody Chinook, Antibody Corrie Sock, Antibody Sparkly, Corona Chinook, Corona Corrie Sock, Corona Sparkly, Vaccine Chinook, Vaccine Corrie Sock, Vaccine Sparkly


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