Polworth/Silk Combed Top
  • Polworth/Silk Combed Top
  • 60% Polworth Wool and 40% Cultivated Silk
  • Polworth sheep are a cross between a Merino and a Lincoln. So you have a longer staple length on a very fine fiber. This top has fibers that are 22-25 microns with a staple length of 3-4 inches. The silk enhances the luster of the top. Yarn made from this top will be elastic, durable with lots of bounce and drape.
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alpacas for roving
Alpaca Combed Top
  • Alpaca Combed Top
  • 100% Superfine Alpaca
  • It is approximately 26 micons with a staple length of 4 inches. It is quite easy to spin as these fibers draft easily. It is very soft and will make a great yarn. Photo by Dawn Richardson of Grindstone Ridge Farm.
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BFL Wool Combed Top
BFL Sheep
  • Blue Faced Leicester Wool Combed Top
  • 100% Blue Faced Leicester Wool
  • This is a lustrous longwool with a staple length of approximately 4-5 inches. It is 25-27 microns but feels soft. It is a great top for beginners because of the staple length and the scales on the fibers which grab onto each other while being spun.
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Angora Goats
Angora Goats
  • Mohair Carded Roving
  • 100% Mohair
  • This is a farm roving made from the fleeces of our yearling angora goats. It is quite easy to draft because the fibers are glossy without many scales and the staple length is approximately 5 inches long.
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merinos for roving
NM Merino Sheep with Emily Chamelin
  • NM Merino Combed Top
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • This top is made from fleeces that our shearer brought back from Roswell New Mexico. It has a staple length of approximately 3 inches. The preparation is tube-like and not folded as many merino tops are prepared. You will love making yarn with this top. Photo courtesy of Emily Chamelin (also pictured)
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Puck Carded Roving
This is Puck
  • Puck Carded Roving
  • Blue Faced Leicester Wool and Mohair Blend
  • This is a farm roving. It is comprised of colored BFL wool and colored mohair. It has a long staple length of 4-5 inches. This roving is great for beginners as it is easy to draft and the wool provides the structure that a beginner needs.
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