Are you looking for a quick and easy project that you can do in the car or the movies or at the beach?  I have several super easy, completely beautiful shawl kits for sale in the shop.

“Maryland, My Maryland”  is made with eight 100-yard mini skeins. It is an all garter shawl. The color changes of the mini skeins will do all the magic. You can buy it here.    We have kits with blue minis and kits with autumn harvest colors.  

Maryland Sampler Shawl is just that. It is made with 7 (100 yard) mini skeins. There are sections of mesh lace, garter, stockinette, colorwork and short rows.  It can be successfully completed by an adventurous beginner and beyond.  You can buy it here

Do you need some quick holiday gifts?  Our one skein cowls using Zephyrette are perfect for you. Zephyrette is our exclusive and amazing blend of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. It’s a 2 ply yarn that many have said is like “knitting with kittens”.  How do you get your hands on one?  First pick your color of Zephyrette and buy here. Then you can add the pattern here. We’ll package it all up for you and get it winging it’s way to you.
Here are the choices:
The Lacy Cowl is perfect for a beginning knitter or if you are more advanced but you need some TV knitting project.  Interlaken is a lace cowl with written and charted directions. And Rivulet is a lace and cable combo, again the pattern has written and charted directions.  

Coming soon is Breakers, a 2 skein cowl. Click here to be added to the wait list to be notified when the pattern is released into the world.