While we’re talking about clearing out our collections of yarn and patterns, what about your needle collection? I have needles I use all the time. I have needles that were inherited from my mother in law. I have needles that I bought when I was a much newer knitter. The same is true for notions. I have cable needles that I have never used since I prefer a double pointed needle when working with cables.  And all of these needles and notions are really, really jumbled. They are thrown (well not exactly thrown) into a basket near my knitting chair and they are all messed up. So what to do with these tools?

I asked my Instagram followers to tell me how they organize their needles and here were the top recommendations:

ChickenbootsUSA:  These bags are cute and usable. They have lots of choices for interchangables, straights, circulars and crochet hooks. They even have solutions for your stitch markers and other notions.


Gracescases: These designs are highly usable! She has cases for straights and circulars and she has cases for notions, like stitch markers too. The cloth she uses is fun and the usually have a clear side as well, so you can see what is inside.


Hanging circular organizer: I really want one of these and I will be purchasing one soon. I just have to pick a fabric.  


Lure holders: Some of these can hold double points and others are a lot like the old CD cases. It is a less stylish but also less expensive than the cases specifically made for knitters. 

Jars: I have lots of used Mason jars in my basement. Again these are affordable and available everywhere. These can be cute and decorative in your room. You can add your own personality to these by adding ribbons, paint, sequins to express your own creativity.

Mugs: Do you collect a certain potter at a fiber festival? Or do you just have too many mugs at home, you can use these to store needles. In order to save money to enhance your collection, you can re-use items in your home for your notions and tools. 

And when should you consider clearing out those needles? Well what if you don’t have the full set of double pointed needles? What if there are nicks or rough spots that will injure you or your yarn? Or if you have too many choices of the same kind of needle.  In this case you may want to bring them to your swap party. Or you can put the extras in your bags for future projects that you made in a previous lesson with the yarn and pattern. Then when the mood strikes you to do that project, all of the notions, needles, pattern and yarn are prepackaged and you don’t have to look through your stuff to find what you need.

So right now, take a photo of your system. And decide if it could be better organized. Make your purchases and get to work organizing. Lastly, add those unloved needles and notions to your swap or donation pile.  And remember to post a before and after photo with #collectioncurator so we can see your lovely organized collection.


Happy Knitting