Ok now that you have a basket or large trash bag of yarns that you’ve outgrown, it’s time to deal with that. And I have a few ideas about that. First of all, I would love to propose a yarn trade party. Get together with your knitting friends and set up an evening of yarn love. You can have some finger foods, some wine and have an evening of trading skeins and balls of yarn.

Your friends bring their yarns and then sort the yarn in some way. You can put similar colors together, or you can put the same yarn weights together. You can set up the trade a couple of ways. You can just have a laid back–bring some yarn and take some yarn kind of evening. Or you can be more structured, where there are tickets so that you get the same number of skeins that you brought. Another way is to give out numbers and go round and round until all the skeins are gone. 

And if there are extra skeins left, what then? Or if you are doing this yourself or don’t want to have a party. You can donate your yarn so that someone uses it and it is valued and loved by someone else. Where can you donate? First of all, contact the art department at your local college or university. Is there an art school in your town or big city nearby? Is there a textile program there? You can donate your yarn there. Then there are senior centers and community resource centers that may want yarn to use for craft making. Is there a non-profit in your town or nearest city that would send your yarn to a woman’s collective in another state or country? And finally, if all else fails, there is Goodwill or Salvation army.

I know you may be thinking that “Oh I could knit preemie hats or chemo hats with my yarn”. That is great and if you have time to do that, then do. But also be realistic. Do you have time to do this with all your outgrown yarn? Will you do it? Or will that expectation become another source of guilt or shame? Remember the whole point is for you to become free and return to love of your collection. 

I’d love to hear your stories and see photos of your YarnLove trading parties.  What did you serve? “Purled” Barley soup? Threadacini Alfredo? Little sweater shortbread cookies? I’m all ears! Let’s talk about it.