What did you get at the last festival? And what did you do after the fiber festival? What would I do? Don’t just put your beautiful skeins out of sight. Pull out your precious purchases. Feel their touch. Enjoy the colors and textures of each skein. If you keep your stash on Ravelry, then add them to your stash now.

Do you have a plan for that yarn?  Put those skeins in with the pattern or magazine and maybe even the needles you will need. It will be ready to knit.

If you have an idea but no pattern? Put an index card on the yarn or in the yarn package with your vision written on it.

Did you think you wanted socks with this? Did you see a pattern at the show that you need to find on Ravelry? Make note of that, too.

Do it now before your idea is lost in the wind. You can even add your idea into your Ravelry queue, so it is prioritized.

I keep hearing knitters say that sometimes they get home only to see that they bought the same color or same yarn when they get home from the festival. Has that happened to you? What to do then? I suggest that you put these together in a package. How much yardage do you have? Then go to Ravelry again and this time search according to yardage. Maybe you have enough for a sweater now or maybe you can make knee socks instead of ankle socks. Again, make note of that with the yarn. You can even write a few pattern names on the index card.
Now what do you want to cast on right now? Really! Even if you are already in the middle of a project, choose one of your purchases, get the pattern and cast it on right now. Why? To celebrate your purchase and use your creativity. You will feel the rush and joy when you chose that yarn in your favorite dyer’s booth. Happy Knitting!!